About Us

The School Motto

Aartta Shanti Phala Vidya - The fulfillment of Education is to bring Peace to the suffering. While inculcating the best of Indian culture and tradition in its students, the School aims at developing in them a sense of discipline and a spirit of service and fair play.

Pujya Rameshbhai Ojha (Pujya Bhaishree) has given a motto, “This day will not last forever”, which will be out motto which will give our institution the correct direction towards development.

There are seven rays of sun in our logo which describes:

(1) “Sanskar” meaning Ethos 
“Saiyam” meaning Forbearance and Control
(3) “Samvedna” meaning Compassion
(4) “Gyan” meaning Knowledge
(5) “Vigyan” meaning Science
(6) “Vikas” meaning Development
(7) “Sarjan” meaning Creative

There are two girls in our logo trying to reach the sky. This describes that our students will always try to reach the skies of development. Both girls lifting the earth describe the women power."

The red sun behind the lotus and the girls will give us the power to become smarter every day. With a new thought and a change in educational field International School is starting from June 2017.